Yoga for companies

What yoga could help you to achieve?

What yoga could help you to achieve?

Release tensions

Employees can be faced with various situations which put the body under stress and create tensions, thus affecting their performance. Through the practice of postures and correct breath use, Yoga gives the possibility to release these tensions. Getting rid of these tensions is a means of evacuating what hinders the body from performing at its optimum level.

Deeper breathing

Correct breathing is one of the keys to managing complex and stressful situations. Not only is correct breathing very healthy for the body and its functioning, but knowing how to breath correctly can assist in better decision making, increase creativity and awareness. In Yoga we say “mastering the breath, allows for mastering emotions, thus allowing us to master the situation”.

Physical and mental wellbeing

Workplace life can take its toll on the body both mentally and physically. Yoga is a moment to give the body and mind the time and space to reconnect with the feeling of wellbeing and joy. We favor yoga sessions that promote the necessity for employees to take the time to disconnect themselves from the work desk.

Strength and flexibility

The evolution and change of our workplace life can be demanding on employees, having a strong and flexible body can help maintain performance when faced with these challenges. Yoga is an “art of living”. This art promotes that physical postures also have an internal meaning/sense. Mental traits such as strength and flexibility can be attained physically through a regular Yoga practice.

By using simultaneously the breath and postures, the body releases itself from its tensions and re-finds its true nature.


Benefits of deep breathing


Being able to manage one’s stress throughout the day is important for workplace wellbeing. These layerings of potential stress can be attributed to the continuous solicitation of external stimulus demanding our attention.  Deep breathing can act as an auto regulation system so that the body and mind can take in, treat and integrate the information smoother.


One of the yoga definitions for stress is as followed: our body is in the here and now and our mind in the past or future”. By breathing consciously we increase our chances of being in the present moment. The physiological benefits of being in the “here and now” have been scientifically proven and are multiple. By deep breathing awareness you can begin to attain some of these benefits.


Deep breathing aids the positioning of one’s energy from their centre, or as the Japanese say “Hara”, the vital energy centre. When continuously connecting and training oneself  to be connected to this centre, greater awareness and intuition can start to be contacted. Greater intuition can also help you to fine tune your Emotional Intelligence skills.