Yoga for companies

What yoga could help you to achieve?

What yoga could help you to achieve?

Deeper breathing

Correct breathing is beneficial for the body and its functioning, it increases creativity and awareness. We also offer you the opportunity to learn how to master your breathing, which will have a positive impact on the regulation of your emotions, allowing you to be more lucid and focused in the management of your professional activities.

Release tensions

Through the practice of postures and the correct use of breath, yoga gives the opportunity to come back to the here and now, release tensions, relax and regain the energy to work. Getting rid of stress and tension is a way to evacuate what prevents the body from functioning at its optimal level.

Physical and mental well-being

Yoga is a time to give the body and mind time and space to reconnect to a sense of well-being and joy. The mind relaxes as the postures progress, balance is found between the mind and body.  We promote yoga sessions for employees who need to disconnect from their work environment, allowing them to then come back more serene and relaxed.

Strength and flexibility

Through rhythm, regularity and global benefits, Yoga is an “art of living”. This art involves specific postural sequences corresponding to the internal organs you wish to stimulate for better functioning. To support the development of the postures, you learn to develop your strength and flexibility. 

By using simultaneously the breath and postures, the body releases itself from its tensions and re-finds its true nature.


The benefits of deep breathing


Being able to manage stress throughout the day is important for well-being in the workplace. These layers of potential stress can be attributed to the continuous solicitation of external stimuli that require our attention.  Deep breathing can act as a self-regulation system so that the body and mind can assimilate, process and integrate information easier.


We often find that our body is in the here and now, and our mind in the past or the future. By breathing consciously, we increase our chances of being in the present moment. The physiological benefits of being in the “here and now” have been scientifically proven and are multiple. By becoming aware of deep breathing, you can begin to gain some of these benefits.


Deep breathing helps to position your energy at its centre (around the navel, or as the Japanese say “Hara”, the vital energy centre). By connecting and training regularly to be in your centre, you can develop a greater awareness and sense of what is just and best for you, depending on the circumstances.