Life Coaching

What could life coaching help you to achieve?

What could life coaching help you to achieve?

Clarify your life's purpose

There are times in life that can be difficult, when you can feel lost. Life can then seem to have no meaning, no clear direction that makes you want to move forward, to evolve. Together, we will address your current reality, your problems, but also your strengths and resources in order to reconnect yourself with your potential, and thus clarify the purpose of your life. When purpose emerges, your life changes. It becomes more lively and joyful.

Reach your objectives

We are rich and complex human beings, living in a similarly complex environment. Together we work to help emerge your objectives according to your needs, your requests and your priorities. Your objectives will allow you to stay the course during the sessions, to see your progress over time. Your objectives will also allow you to be more comfortable in your environment, allowing you to take a step back from life’s sometimes testing moments.

See the positive side of existence

There are times in life when we tend to see what is not right, what is not working; life can be difficult, even painful. Learning to see the positive side behind life’s challenges, helps to take a step back and feel less affected. Together, we will work on how you can see challenges as moments of growth and transform negative perceptions into positive ones. 

Evolve with change

Changes are constantly happening to you and in our society; you can observe this in your body, in your thoughts,… Yet we often tend to find change uncomfortable, and prefer the comfort of what we are used to, which reassures us. We will review your experiences of change and then identify any resistance to the idea of change you may have. Change can be a great challenge if it is well thought out, welcomed and accompanied with compassion.

Positive psychology aims to foster personal growth. It seeks the conditions and processes that contribute to your well-being, taking into account who you are; thus increasing your natural willingness to move forward, evolve and progress.

“I am a responsible actor in my life, within a larger system that I seek to impact positively. We live in a systemic world, such as we can see in our society, in the organisation of countries amongst themselves, and also by observing the intelligent functioning of the different living beings. Of course, not everything is perfect; that is why we have our share of responsibility to contribute; allowing us to better our lives, and therefore be better with those around us. I am deeply convinced that what we experience internally (i.e. in our personal lives) is the manifestation of what happens externally (in our environment), and vice versa.


We are therefore in part creators of our reality, even if external causes can impact us independently of our will. When I observe the part of reality that I have created through my thoughts, emotions and actions, I can then see what would be appropriate for me to change in myself (my thoughts, emotions, actions), so that my reality changes for the better. I then become more responsible for myself, gradually adapt my ways of functioning, and make choices that have more positive consequences for myself and others. I am then fully engaged in my life. “ James Ballarin