Key benefits of coaching

Being of service
  • When we are driven by service our daily work life can take on a whole new meaning.
  • The notion of service allows us to see that our actions are much more than dollars and cents.
  • The “pay off” is that our performance and motivation to work increases considerable when we feel useful to the society/country we live in; that through my job I am increasing the quality of life for others.
Unlock your potential
  • What does functioning at potential mean?
  • We would describe it as an energy, a buzz, a reason to live, something that continues to strive for the best and craves more.
  • This “potential” is what will get you to where you want to go and be hungry for more.
  • To unlock this potential a deep work is done on your “purpose”; why you’re doing what you doing and why.
Put the Essential at the heart of the Importance
  • We are first and foremost a human being (an Essential), with values, beliefs, skills etc…
  • Once in the workplace we can tend to become our occupation, salary, managerial level (the Importance) etc…
  • Putting the Essential at the heart of the Importance gives us the possibility to use who we fundamentally are for the benefit of our company role (Ref: Vincent Lenhardt concept).
Re/discover your purpose
  • “Purpose is first and foremost”
  • When we know why we do something, it fills our actions with meaning.
  • Meaningful action allows us to feel useful; that what we’re doing serves a greater cause.
  • Serving this greater cause can allow us to have access to an abundance of energy, as we start to tap into our life’s mission…and this naturally excites and invigorates us.
Accept your uniqueness
  • It our my personal conviction that we all have a mission in this life.
  • That we all have a “unique” skill or talent that we are meant to utilize.
  • It is this/these skills which makes us vibrate with life, energy, passion and gives meaning to our life.
  • Getting in contact with this/these skills is what you can expect when working with us.