Executive Coaching

What Active Solutions could help you to accomplish?

What Active Solutions could help you to accomplish?

Greater work satisfaction

Greater work satisfaction leads to performing at a more optimal level. Assisting you to understand and know your purpose is the key to attaining this satisfaction. When your actions are filled with meaning, they make sense to you, thus allowing you to connect with your inner compass.

Change acceptance

In our  complex work environment, change is an ever present factor. As human beings we tend to follow the “line of least resistance”, which can make change not an easy element to manage. We will work together on understanding what is creating your resistance, allowing for an easier acceptance of change.

Complexity management

Like change, workplace complexity is on the rise. Together we will go on a journey of discovering the joys of complexity and how this next step (of complexity) is a natural part of societal evolution. Allowing yourself to accept and making complexity work for you is our aim.

Better management skills

A manager often needs to juggle several things at once. Together we will discover how you with your “own unique makeup” can best juggle the requirements of company life. Curiously enough the managerial qualities you are searching for are generally there inside of you waiting to be tapped into.

Fine-tune interpersonal skills

Developing our listening and communicating skills  leads to better employee relationships. Studies show that the high performing teams have developed these areas. Augmenting our interpersonal skills is a natural human desire, as most of us seek better and smoother relationships. We will help you to bring out these human inclinations.

Entrepreneurship development

Clarity and willpower are the two main ingredients for this challenging and rewarding path of entrepreneurship. You will understand the importance of deepening the meaning of your business venture. And by doing so, connecting to the dynamic energy needed for the success of your project.

Increase confidence

Together we will gently explore what it is that makes you lack confidence in certain situations. By unearthing these areas you will be able to shine the light on these parts of yourself. And often the simple fact of bringing these areas to the surface can allow you to increase your confidence and consciously choose different behavior models.

Stress Management

We do not all respond to the same external stimuli in the same way, each of us have our own personal history of stressful situations. We will help you to become aware of these “stress trigger points”, to better recognize, anticipate, avoid or reduce them, which will give you the opportunity to better manage potentially stressful situations. We will also discuss the links between stress and emotions, and research into Emotional Intelligence, as well as anything that can help your body to relax.


We see your potential, your talents and guide you to getting in contact with what already exists inside of you.


The Active Solutions way


We work together so that you can understand the different aspects of your behavior. See which aspects are to be kept and which ones would need to be improved to help you achieve your objectives. 


And by deciding to change certain aspects of your behavior you become responsible (or as Richard Bach would say “able to respond”), as you are taking control of your life.


Knowing that we are working on developing your responsibility, we also deepen the meaning/purpose and vision of your personal and professional life. This will allow you to be more consistent with your ambition, values and objectives.


We help you to work out the choices to be made to achieve your goals, and together we establish an action plan to prioritize the actions to be taken.